Who We Are

The International Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable is open to anyone with an interest in epistemological and ontological issues connected with medicine. Members belong to a listserv and have access to password protected areas of the website where the membership roster and contacts are posted and where members can post papers for comment by other members. For more information about membership please get in touch with us here.

The roundtable has a steering committee that selects where the conference is held, constitutes its scientific committee (together with the local organizers) and, eventually, contributes editors to the proceedings. The committee selects its new members from among those who have been actively involved in various organizational activities relating to the roundtable. Please contact any of the current members of the steering committee if you are interested in playing a more active role in the Roundtable.

Organizing Committee

Rachel Ankeny, University of Adelaide
Robyn Bluhm, Michigan State University
Kirstin Borgerson, Dalhousie University
Alex Broadbent, University of Johannesburg
Havi Carel, Bristol University
Jonathan Fuller, University of Pittsburgh, Secretary
Maël Lemoine, University of Bordeaux
Julian Reiss, Johannes Kepler University Linz
Jeremy Simon, Columbia University, Chair
Sean Valles, Michigan State University

Advisory Committee

Alexander Bird, King’s College, London
Fred Gifford, Michigan State University
Harold Kincaid, University of Cape Town
Miriam Solomon, Temple University
David Teira Serrano, UNED