8th International Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable June 20-21, 2019 University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne

The next biennial Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable will be held at the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne on June 20-21, 2019.

Registration is now open and is required. You can register at: https://rdv.immuconcept.org/studs.php?sondage=5wwb67vxx5joh69b

The venue is: Centre Malher, 9 rue Malher, Paris, France.

Plenary speakers are Phyllis Illari (UCL, UK) and Thomas Pradeu (University of Bordeaux, CNRS, France). The full program is:

Thursday 20th

9h Introduction

9h15 Antoine C. Dussault. Naturalism without Part-functionalism: Towards a Holistic-Naturalistic Account of Health

9h45 Alexander Geddes. Pregnancy, Parthood and Proper Overlap

10h15 Jonathan Grose. Disease, Sex, Senescence and Pregnancy. Who’s Normal?

10h45 Coffee Break

11 Bengt Autzen. Is the Replication Crisis a Base-Rate Fallacy?

11h30 Plenary conference: Thomas Pradeu. Connecting Philosophy of Biology and Philosophy of Medicine: On the Centrality of the Immune System in Current Medicine

12h30-14h Lunch Break

14h Oliver Galgut and Elselijn Kingma. Better than Randomisation? A Philosophical Defence of ‘Dynamically Allocated Controlled Trials’.

14h30 Adam La Caze. Randomized Trials are not Black Boxes

15h Insa Lawler and Georg Zimmermann. Misalignment Between Research Hypotheses and Statistical Hypotheses – A Threat to Evidence-Based Medicine?

15h30 Coffee break

15h45 Michael Wilde. Evidential Pluralism in Cancer Epidemiology

16h15 Lynette Reid. The Semantic Content of “Cancer”

16h45 Stefano Canali. The Exposome as a Postgenomic Repertoire: Exploring Scientific Change in Contemporary Epidemiology

17h15 Conclusion

Friday 21st

9h15 Carlo Martini and Mattia Andreoletti. Progressive Science Or Pseudoscience: The Case Of Medical Controversies

9h45 Bennett Holman. Medical Knowledge is What Doctors Know

10h15 Mark Tonelli. Skeptical Practice

10h45 Coffee Break

11h Chris Blunt. Two Models of Progress in Medicine: The Case of Subacromial Decompression

11h30 Plenary conference: Phylis Illari. Evidence of Mechanism and Completeness

12h30-14h Lunch Break

14h Virginia Ghiara and Federica Russo. Reconstructing the Mixed Mechanisms of Health: the Role of Bio- and Socio-markers

14h30 Kathryn Tabb. The Prospects of Precision Psychiatry

15h Anke Bueter. Epistemic Injustice and Psychiatric Classification

15h30 Coffee break

15h45 Leen De Vreese. Risk Factors and Prevention

16h15 Adrian Erasmus. Inductive Risk, Expected Utility, and the Consequences of P-Hacking in Medical Research

16h45 Mattia Andreoletti. What Are Drugs? Towards A More Rational Regulation Of Medical Interventions

17h15 Conclusion

Questions regarding the Roundtable should be directed to Maël Lemoine (mael.lemoine@u-bordeaux.fr) and Jeremy Simon (jeremy.simon@nyu.edu).

Local Organizers: Denis Forest, Maël Lemoine.

Scientific committee: Rachel Ankeny, Alexander Bird, Kirstin Borgerson, Alex Broadbent, Havi Carel, Jonathan Fuller, Fred Gifford, Harold Kincaid, Miriam Solomon, Julian Reiss, Jeremy Simon, David Teira.

Support for this Roundtable has been provided by Fondation Thierry et Annick Desmarest

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